Product Discovery and
Design Workshop

At the start of every engagement, we work with you to conduct a product discovery workshop where we work together as a team to fully-define the market, business or entertainment need.

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Product / Game Design Documentation

The conclusion of every discovery and design workshop is a detailed design document that captures both the vision and the execution of the proposed product.


Concept Art

Our talented artists can provide a set of concept art that shows the key interfaces, functionality and features of any software product.

While the art is static, it can nonetheless help demonstrate how the users will experience the software.

Concept art can be a core element of a pitch deck.


Technology Demonstrations

A technology “demo” is used to present the key functionality of a game or software via use of a linear, minimally-interactive experience that mimics the expected user experience / user.

The demo can be used to solicit user feedback (from players, partners, investors, etc.) as well as for marketing and fundraising.

Building a demo requires that we develop a preliminary version of the software’s design, user experience, user interface, look and feel, as well as interactivity and functionality.

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Full Turn-Key Development

Once we have a designin place, Smarter Reality can also provide full turn-key development and delivery services.

This includes the user experience, user interface, analytics, game software and delivery on the PC (Steam), iOS and Android app stores.

Live Operations Management

Once the product is live, we’re prepared to stand with you and keep the software running smoothly, both from a technical and an operational perspective. Key support we can provide includes:


  • Administrative – communication and coordination with mobile app stores
  • Finance – receipt and reporting of app store revenue
  • Customer Support – handling customer inquiries
  • Terms of Service / Privacy Policy – mandatory for app store hosting 
  • Website – design, setup and management
  • Community – forums for community engagement
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Maintenance – ensure high quality app performance
  • New Features – subsequent development and release planning
  • Demand Generation – new user generation